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Carbon Reduction Commitment

About the scheme

The CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) energy efficiency scheme was introduced by the Government in April 2010 to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency in large organisations, both in the public and private sector. It’s a mandatory scheme and contributes to the government’s strategy to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the year 2050.

The introductory phase of CRC commenced started ofn 1st April 2010, with participating businesses required to accurately record and report all their CO2 emissions and purchase allowances. Organisations appear in an annually published league table showing their performance compared with other organisations.

In 2016 the Government announced that the CRC energy efficiency scheme will be abolished following the 2018-2019 compliance year.

Do you qualify?

Organisations have to register with the scheme if they have a Half-Hourly (HH) metered site. Whether you qualify for participation in the scheme depends on the level of consumption used at sites with Half-Hourly metering during 2008. The threshold is 6,000 mWh (megawatt hours) – those exceeding the threshold have to monitor, report and buy allowances for their CO2 emissions from all fuels used on each site each year.

If your company is participating in the CRC scheme, you can rely on Opus Energy to provide you with all the necessary data required for your CRC reporting.

To request your data, please email:

You can find further information about the CRC scheme on the UK Government website.