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Moving business premises

We know moving business properties can be demanding, so our dedicated team are here to help make the process as smooth as possible.

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Select the right form

Select the correct form from the three options below. Each one asks for a meter reading.

Please note that if your premises has a Half Hourly meter, we’ll receive readings automatically
and may not use your manual read to produce your invoice.

If you’re a broker or consultant and your client has moved into premises on supply with Opus Energy, we’ll
need a signed Letter of Authority form.
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Tell us you’re moving in

New tenants: Complete and submit this form and we’ll be able to set up your Opus Energy account.

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Tell us you’re moving out

Tenants moving out: Complete this form so we can send your final bill and, once we’ve received your payment, close the account.

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Set up a tenant

Landlords and agents: Complete this form so we can set up an Opus Energy account for your new tenants.