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Submit a meter reading

Regular meter reads are important as they make sure your bills are as accurate as possible and based on your actual electricity usage. If you don’t submit regular meter reads, your bill will be estimated and based your Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC*).

How to submit a meter reading

Simply log into your My Opus Energy (MOE) account, go to the ‘Energy usage’ menu and select ‘Submit meter readings’.

If you don’t currently have an MOE account, you can submit a meter reading by SMS. Text “Start” to 07723494043 and follow the instructions.

Get automatic reads with a smart meter

If you’d prefer meter reads to be sent to us automatically, register your interest for a smart meter and our team will be in touch.

*Your EAC is based on the previous twelve months of meter read history. It automatically updates every time you submit a read. So, the more regularly you submit a meter reading, the more accurate your EAC figure is for when a read isn’t available.