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How to improve bill accuracy

The first step to improving bill accuracy is identify if the invoice is based on estimated meter readings. If it does, here’s how you can submit a meter read.

The importance of regular reads

We use meter reads to understand how much energy you use so we can send you a bill which reflects your consumption. But if you don’t provide a meter read, we will use your ‘estimated annual consumption’ (otherwise known as EAC). This figure is based on the previous twelve months of meter read history and it updates itself automatically every time you submit a read. So the more regularly you do it, the more accurate any EAC figure is for when a read is not available.

What happens when you submit a new read

If the difference is significant, we’ll send a replacement invoice, otherwise your next monthly invoice will highlight the amendment. If, after submitting an accurate meter reading, you feel that your invoice is still inaccurate, please contact the Customer Service team who will be happy to look into the matter.

Get automatic reads with a smart meter

We understand that submitting meter reads is not the highest of your priorities when you run a business. So if you’d prefer for these to be sent to us automatically instead, get in touch to see if you’re eligible for a smart meter. Or find out more about what smart meters are and how they work.